Productive Writer’s Bundle

This bundle has ended, but you can still get these great apps!

What’s in the bundle?

The lineup of the amazingly simple apps to get you started and keep you going with your writing project

Texts icon


Focus on your story

You have one month to write your novel. Texts helps you to focus on the writing and get your story out there for all the world to read.

Texts full-screen view

Full-screen writing in a minimal theme.

Writing is about typing words. Worry about all the layout and print version later. In contrast to most writing applications you will know Texts is not bloated. It's a beautiful environment to write your 50'000 words and shut off all the distraction.

You know what's best? Texts will help you publish an e-book when you're finished so you can put your baby in all marketplaces and start your career as an author right now, one self-published novel at a time.

Sans serif theme

Write in the environment that's comfortable to you.

It can do so much more – learn what else Texts can do


Word Counter

Build habits and reach your writing goals

Afraid of giving up? Initially, motivation will be high. But you will need the dedication to go on. Sticking to a daily schedule is important. Having a digital assistant look over your shoulder and see how well you're doing today will help get the most out of your writing time.

Word Counter

Performance information at a glance.

Consistency is key for success. The Word Counter will help you keep the ball rolling. Use it wisely, and you will write the necassary amount each and every day, even when your will-power diminishes. The Word Counter helps you form habits – the strong power you need to blast through the wall of inactivity.

File monitoring

See progress of your darling project.

See and track how much you write every day. Monitor your novel's project progress closely. And get the job done in time.


Marked 2

Everything you need to preview and review

Want to hand your manuscript off to friends for feedback? With Marked, you can do so with just one click: voilĂ , your printable PDF is ready!

PDF export

One-click export to beautiful PDF

Marked formats your document nicely, no matter which application you write with. It's incredibly fast and always shows the latest change, so you can see what the result will look like.

Great for proof-reading

Great for proof-reading.

Marked helps you review your manuscript and scan for weird grammar and style so you can fix problems at once. With its live-preview, you can see the number of problems drop instantly.


Q: Will this make me rich and famous?

A: Hard to say without taking a look at your novel first! These applications may change the way you write forever, though. Take a look at the free guide to learn more about the How.

Q: How's this different from trying to write my novel in Word?

A: Life is too busy for distractions. We believe that Word is not designed to make you the best novelist possible. It's made to help you be anything, anytime. This lack of focus will hinder your progress in the end. Writing as about writing, and that's all there is. You should not worry about formatting until you are ready to ship the draft. Texts will help you focus on typing. Period.

Q: Do I have to learn this weird Markdown thing?

A: Absolutely not!

Your text is stored in a long-living, future-proof format: plain text. That's easy to open on any human-made computing device ever. To add emphasis and headings to your document, Texts stores this information using a very popular convention to save plain text files called Markdown. But since Texts is so good, it will hide all these details from you. You don't have to worry about this at all.

In the spirit of learning, you're welcome to peek at the files with Mac's built-in TextEdit, of course, and see how easy it is to write Markdown by hand. In case your computer explodes and you only have that old IBM DOS PC in your basement to finish the challenge, say.